I’d like to say welcome to the Mad House, but it’s more of a beach shack.

Here’s the original stuff

Now that’s over with, this is a professional website I guess? I may be a tad cynical, but the link above is where my work will tend to go. And below is were my other stuff will go.

My Work

Hire Me

Although all my experience is undergrad, I use Pro Tools and am always happy to mix for another student or person in need.

Work With Me

I’m always down for creative discussion. Collaborative brainstorms and feedback keep me inspired and going, so always feel free to rip my work to shreds.

Follow Me

I post most of my experimental works on SoundCloud, so if you wanna look at my half-finished compositions, look up ‘Emi.K’

Links to my social media will be at the bottom of the page.

About Me

Emi.K aka @Em_Kman

Just another Music-aspiring 20 year old from Melbourne.

I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Applied Music (Audio), so I’m constantly learning in a studio or covering music/audio history and theory.

My name is Em. Make of that what you will. I have gone by both Whiteboard and Travis in the past, and to me a name is just a name.


Get in Touch

Twitter: @Em_Kman

Instagram: @emi_world

SoundCloud: Emi.K

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